Temperature Effect on Gonads of Freshwater Fish Cyprinus carpio

Asian Journal of Biological and Life Sciences ,2015,4,1,26-29.
Published:April 2015
Type:Research Article
Author(s) affiliations:

Milind V.Gaikwad*1 , Prof. Yashwant K.Khillare2

1Department of Zoology, Late Ku. Durga K. Banmeru Science College, Lonar, Dist. Buldhana - 443302.

2Department of Zoology, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad - 431004.


Development of ovary and oocyte along with male gonad testis of the freshwater fishes was observed .When rearing 51 day-old Cyprinius carpio at elevated sub-lethal temperatures to (control), 28 and 34°C (experimental) was exposed no death was observed, but the ovarian dimensions differed significantly (F=5.25cm, DF=3, P < 0.05) as manually measured by image software of contrast phage microscope between the 27°C and 30°C and between 32°C treatments. Observation indicated that numbers of germ cells per ovarian cross-section seemed to be more numerous and dense in 27°C treatment than in either the germ >30°C or 32°C treatments were less dense. Testicular cross-section areas were significantly (T=5.11cm, DF=3, P>0.05), different among all groups at the conclusion of the temperature treatments at 27 °C and 30 °C